15 January 2016


I read somewhere that when people first meet up, they are usually polite to each other.

Greetings and best wishes are exchanged oftenly in the nicest way that can be imagined.

But given enough times people would change.

I suppose they just simply get used to our presence.

15 January 2015


"What you feel only matters to you,

It's what you DO to the other people you say you care...

...now that's what really matters.

It's the only thing that counts"

15 January 2014


I recently learned from a friend that in life people cannot escape from certain events in life. It can be either a good thing or a tragedy.
We would usually try to seek explanation or reason behind these events. People may put the blame on us for bad things that happened. They judge and punish other people.
Well that is life isn't?

What people fail to see is that beyond all these events lie opportunities. That we could seize .

15 January 2013


I'm back in that familiar terrain.

Got myself side tracked.

Distracted. Again.

By yours truly.

The harder I try to get out of my cave the stronger it pulls me back in.

It won't let me go easily this time.