29 September 2010

Traditional mistake

Everyone must refrain from taking traditional medication. Most of them contain 'steroid-based' ingredient, which although in short term can make you feel 'healthy' but it also can surpress your own natural steroid (mineralcorticoid) production by the adrenal glands (those little glands sitting on top of your kidneys).

Once you shut down your own steroid supply, your body would not be able to cope at times of stress (infection, inflammation etc).

I have seen many of these patients admitted in 'collapsed' state. Low blood pressure, lethargy or even unresponsive and death.

Come on, don't you think it's ridiculous that the so called ' one traditional' pill can cure everything under the sun.. from lesu, buasir, sakit jantung to mengetatkan apa-apa yang dah longgar.

27 September 2010

Chapter 2: Relationship

The momentum in a relationship between two lovers is not really about chemistry...

...it is mostly biology and physics.

26 September 2010

Chapter 1: The wrong blog

A man once told me...

that the worst nightmare for a man could have would be nothing other than 'falling in love with another man's woman'...

... to want something that he couldn't ever possibly have. But he could try and win her if he must. He could apply the concept of "All is fair in love and war" -- Francis Edward Smedley (1818 - 1864).

If you expect me to agree with him,

you are reading the wrong blog.

25 September 2010


Lesson was not well taken, unfortunately for me.

There will be times in a man's life when he arrives at a junction that warrants him to make that decision to either fight for what he thinks is right, or to give up.

"I decided to give up.

I resign.

I resign from everything."

22 September 2010


God works in a mysterious and yet full of surprises.

When he closes one door for you.

He will open another.

He wants to teach us the lesson of never giving up.

19 September 2010

A doctor's heart

"A 35 year old doctor had a heart attack, right.

His heart stopped, before they revived him back.

Now was he unlucky to have wasted 1 year out in rehab.

Or is he lucky to have had that rare opportunity...

... to sort out who is important in his life."

16 September 2010

Everything else is not important

Rule 1: Treat people like how you would like to be treated.

Rule 2: Look at rule 1.

15 September 2010


Sometimes all we need is a little change in perspective. In the presence of a new company it could change the way you perceive how much your life has changed in the last year or so.

Last night I had the pleasure of being reminded on how crap I was after nearly 15 year-hiatus from the table. My moves were pretty rusty but to my surprise not thaaat bad that I managed to beat an opponent 6 years younger.

Let's talk about a giant leap of faith.

Anyone knows where we can do sky-jumping in Malaysia?

11 September 2010

The cancer who stole Aidilfitri

I went inside the ward and negotiated my steps along the corridor. My peripheral vision caught the sight of a nurse who called me in less than 4 minutes ago. I could sense the sadness engulfing the place.

I knocked the door and entered the dimly lit room. There was a man lying on the bed with a woman sitting beside him.

"He just died a while ago" Sarah, my medical officer whispered to me.

I looked at his medical notes.

"33 years old. Pancreatic cancer"

(for a brief moment, Randy came to mind)

He was about my age, I thought.

As I walked away, I noticed a familiar-looking old man on TV had just finished making the Raya announcement.

08 September 2010


It it that time of the year where tiny folded papers are thrown onto the table.

I held my breath in suspence as my right hand reached out for my fate.

This is a vital process come every Aidilfitri.

Slowly... I unfolded the crumpled paper in front of me...... The four letter word caught my eyes...

As this off duty soldier on a ship homebound tomorrow.

Someone had to stay back and guard the fort.


07 September 2010


For every great tragedy needs a fallen hero.

Funny, I thought.

Yes, at first I don't mind being that guy.

Samson and Achilles did it.

Their sacrifices were larger than life.

Mine would probably be a tiny little white dot at the back of an elephant's ass.

The trick to not caring too much, is to care less.

05 September 2010

A beautiful crap.

I can't wait for puasa to be over.

The thought of sipping a venti cup of frappulicious strawberry coffee in Starbuck at 4pm with an airport book in my hand is so delightfully tempting.

On the other hand, I'm tired of being a side B. Time to stop the audio cassette.

It ain't a music if it is full of shit.

Dark sky

This morning I dreamt of standing in a balcony overlooking the city skycrapers with KLCC in sight.

The sky was dark.

A storm was approaching.

It scared me.

Out of no where, a massive giant tornado, easily a class 5, appeared in front of me.

My dream has no longer become a gentle solace.

03 September 2010

The boy I knew

My patient died today at the tender age of 15 years old.

I didn't have the chance to say goodbye.

Deep inside I felt the tears were building up.

I could not cry.

I could not find an outlet to let out my anguish and frustration.