31 May 2010

The long weekend

It was a memorable long weekend.

A short sweet trip to Ipoh.

A delish dining experience in Auntie Aini's restaurant in Sepang.

Searching for a new home... nearly everywhere.

As I drove home from LCCT late this evening.

A glimpse of golden rays behind rows of silver cloud captured my sight, they sort of whispered to me that good life is just a sum of beautiful moment.

Treasure them as they come.

27 May 2010

Gulp !

I vividly remember my graduation ceremony. The Emeritus Professor Hugh E. Goldman, a man with 50 years of brilliantly colourful clinical practice behind him. The founding father of our medical shoool, stood proudly in front of us, the fresh medical graduate class of 2002 .

"Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the medical fraternity, every and each one of you who stand before me here today is now a qualified medical doctor."

He took a dramatic pause and stole a quick glance at me who stood at the corner of the front row.

"However, I am sorry to tell you that after your many years of training, we now know that half of what we taught you is wrong...

... The problem is, we do not know which half. Good luck and God bless."

18 May 2010


After all the stuff that had happened in the past, I find it's quite ironic that I started to somehow feel alive again. And to my surprise every new day has somehow brings excitement back again into this life.

As I said I'm a simple man wanting to live an uncomplicated life. If my life were to be a book. It should be entitled: The Complete Idiot's guide to a simple life.

Yes I'm a predictable man in some ways. It's not that hard to decipher my feeling. For example, this youtube clip here although it maybe just another piece of pirated music, it may either represents my fantasy of busking at Times Square or (not surprisingly) it could encapsulates what I feel deep inside these days.

Jiwang karat, rock shahdu, tangkap leleh... whatever mate.

08 May 2010

Hey you there

I got up this morning with a big smile plastered on my face.

Going through this life is all about making choices. Some days you make the right ones, and there are days when you are down on your luck and ending up taking all the wrong turns.

So first know yourself well and get yourself a map, then set your compass and charter your course. You will one day reach your final destination.

Last but not least, keep your reliable friends nearby, for the sea can get rough at times. Don't hurt them, you never know which one is their last straw. Reliable friends are hard to come by.

They are those rare precious souls out there who ask us how we are...
... and then wait to hear the answer.

So don't forget to wish your good friends a warm greeting every now and then by saying...

"Hey you there, I hope you have a lovely day today"
(yes you... this one is for you :)

05 May 2010


Sometimes people don't want me to behave like a doc around them.

They just want me to be a good listener,

a friend,

just a normal me.

That I can do.

No problemo.

As easy as isketambola (... now that's weird)

03 May 2010

Chasing the dragon

What an out-of-ordinary week "with extra cheese" it had been! Spent the entire week trying to absorb humongous amount of information. This whole cerebral commotion could easily be the latest addition into the DSM-IV mental health diagnostic manual.

"...the kidneys should be somewhere inside the abdomen, everyone should have a pair of them..."

"Crikey!! Just after we break hard into the left
corner you gonna pass the ball to Messi. Dammit lad do ya giddit?"

"The Medical Library... empty?"

Be afraid. Be very afraid.