30 April 2010

wham bam!

When people treat you like shit. You ought to fight your corner for the morale of your spirit. Stand your own ground and I promise you, it will be better if you do not go down quietly into the night without a single bruise on your face.

So what if the odd is against you.

The way I see it, you only have 2 choices. Either you smile at it and wait until you got beaten up to a pulp, or you could fuck back and say "Thank you Ma'am I'll be on my way now".

"Grow some balls will ya."

19 April 2010

This ain't a love song

Driving soothes me down. It somehow has a hypnotic effect on me as much as ironing shirts do. Listening to the radio while I'm at it is in most occasion a must. The funny thing is I cannot seem to relate to any romantic songs that are played on the air waves nowadays.

They are nice but I had stopped tapping my fingers on the steering wheel.

Perhaps I'm not so vain after all... 'coz this song is ain't about me

17 April 2010

In pursuit

Dedicated to all of you out there....

who are still looking for that true one person....

that truly cares.

15 April 2010

Emotional intelligence

Have you ever got caught up in a moment where you wish you'd be more prepared to handle it?

No. I'm not talking about handling the situation. But handling yourself.

Either in public or personal interaction regardless whether they know you or not.

I got caught up in that situation recently.

Lost my cool and the way I respond toward a complete stranger. It was utterly unacceptable no matter at whichever angle I tried to rationalize my action.

I went home that night thinking what the fuck had happened. And most importantly 'what was it' that I try to prove. That I am a macho guy and a force to be reckoned with? Do I truly believe that I can command respect in that manner?

I should have been more responsible* with my action.

I wish my friend was not there to witness the ugly side of me. The side that I thought was buried and lost forever within the sands of time.

Well I reckon it is never too late, because making a mistake is an unfortunate thing. However, repeating the same mistake is just plain stupid.


*Response-able = Able to choose a respond which is not based on other people's behavior toward us, but merely based on one's own value.

12 April 2010

Don't wake up just yet

It had been a tiring weekend. Lotsa shopping, walking and eating. After a long hiatus into the dark corner of that angel-forsaken-library, for a moment here & now, I feel like I started to re-live this life to the maximum again.

Maximum in a different way I mean. Like the title of that song album something about '200km/hr in the wrong lane', which I never listen to except for their single (okay so what sue me already).

Even my dream has becoming slightly bizarre. Something about playing chess under a hot sunday afternoon inside an 'authentic' Baba cafe while eating chendol.

Waitafreakinminute. Was that a dream?

10 April 2010

A Brand New Day

Waking up in the morning used to be a pain in the ass on most days.

The fact that I am currently wide awake at 3.15 on Saturday morning might be due to the excessive caffeine I guzzled earlier. I suppose it's somehow got to do with the heightened state of my sub-conscious awareness. Yes! As contradictory those words are, I'm sure with the current working diagnosis, I'm somehow able to prognosticate my future better.

So if you ask me what is my long term prognosis?

I would say "Nah, let say I won't be too much worry about it just yet. Let's cross the bridge when we get there"

On another note, that brings me to this particular song. It kinda refreshing to hear it in the morning and gear up to face the challenge of a big city.

07 April 2010

A year later

Although a year has passed since 'Baker @ 7', the chilly 7.40pm London wind is still blowing cold against my face. I could still see The 'Baker Street Station' fluorescent light heavenly glowing even as I close these eyes.

It was not that long ago when I thought I have come to a point of knowing what my life would be like to be with that someone I could grow old with.

It was my dream all along, and mine alone it seems. A wishful thinking at best. All the shared songs. The inspirations that tagged along with them. Well I suppose they would all remind me of something beautiful that has happened in the past.

All the chips finally have fallen into their places. And how ironic it seems that as the picture becomes clearer it seems to move further away from me.

This is where the dream for a boy ends and a reality for a man begins.