26 January 2009


Yesterday I had lunch with few buddies at California Pizza Kitchen, KLCC. The view was splendid with less people around during this Chinese New Year celebration so it was kinda comfortable in a way with plenty more of oxygen to share around.

Even got the chance to play around with my new baby canon IXUS 80 IS, which I bought a month ago. Perhaps if I manage to go to Europe this April, I could experiment more with it.

As we were about to head home I spotted a couple with their children. There is something about children that fascinates me. Much of it comes from their innocent yet inquisitive mind and their readiness to 'discover the world'. I admire that.

They seem so focus on their reading eventhough the pamphlet was just an itinerary of last year chrismas carol. The eldest was a clear winner in "the best big sister category" and her baby-sister would hold her hand most of the time, not wanting to let go.

Eventually 'the inquisitive mind' also got bored. But even then, their pensive mood was somewhat magical. It is still a wonderful world.

25 January 2009


I wanna go out and enjoy life, instead I'm sitting here staring blankly at the screen. This is not how it should be. Technology at its best is now abused by me. Every second of the day is slipping away as I type these phrase of words.

Maybe if I jay walk along the street bazaar at the curve, I might find something nice to buy.

...or I could just drive back to kampung and see my dad.

Decision. Decision.

23 January 2009


What do we chase for in life?

Would it be the ultimate hierarchy in society may it be rank, power and money which usually accompanied by lot of self-sacrifice and a price tag that almost always cost you a collateral damage such as less time for yourself and meeting family's attention.

Or the enjoyability of a simple man with basic needs like companionship, family and financial stability. Enough to make our world goes around in full circle.

I don't know the perfect method in achieving both in life. What I do know if I were to be given a choice between them, I prefer the latter any day.

17 January 2009


Andy Dufresne: When you get out from this prison, I want you to go to a place called Zihuatanejo. You'll have to cross the Mexican border.

Red: What's down there?

Andy Dufresne: You'll see. You know what the Mexicans say about the Pacific?

Red: No.

Andy Dufresne: They say it has no memory. That's where I want to live the rest of my life. A warm place with no memory. Zihuatanejo.

11 January 2009


I'm still searching for that place I call home.

The place is somewhere lurking in my mind.

If I try really hard I could almost see it with my eyes closed.

With Bach's Air on G string in the background I could feel my self floating passing through space and time to the most remote beach in the world. There the sun would forever caresses the horizon and the sky is bathed in crimson colour.

03 January 2009



Ready or not.

Here we go.