14 June 2010

Dear Thelma...

I'm not a guru in relationship.

However, please allow me to share my thoughts with you...

Here goes...

  1. We cannot move on to another new relationship if we don't CLOSE our old book. It wouldn't be fair to the new person who wants to love you.
  2. If someone that we love can't be with us for whatsoever reason. You may continue to love him/her. But do not subconsiously sabotaging yourself by not allowing yourself to believe that you cannot love another person just as much or even deeper.
  3. Love is boundless by intensity or degree. Don't let JUST ONE guy or woman from our previous relationship, I repeat... only ONE single person defines our experience of loving another or being loved (YES IT CAN GET BETTER).
(now read back)

Life is short.

There are 6 billion people out there.

Open your eyes and there will be someone out there waiting to meet you.

If we don't move forward, the only person who stands to lose is ourselves. Our ex-es are getting back into that dating game. Yes that is the reality of life. They will want to have a spouse, copulate and have kids etc etc.

Thank you for reading and allowing me to share my thoughts with you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Love

PS: Sorry my hair was a mess. Just finished my on-call.

08 June 2010

Live your life

I'm easily getting tired these days.

Not much can I elaborate on that note.

The new ward rotation is draining my energy faster than... err (filling in the blanks).

Is this a beginning of an end?

Nyet, this is nothing but a hiccup. A bump on the road.

Coz I'm privileged to witness their life in that ward.

The fighting spirits of those who are facing death everyday.

Those who say that today is a bonus day for me, coz a doctor told me few months ago that I probably won't live long enough to see another month.

These people are not fighting for a better life, ranks, paycheck or higher quality of life.

They fight only for their survival.

When all hope seems to abandon us, all we have to do is to look at these fighters and perhaps learn a few life lessons.

A lesson, as simple as 'Do not give up'.