26 October 2010


If you don't want to be part of a statistic, avoid 3 things:

1. Divorce

2. Smoking

3. Speeding

Food for thoughts.

Go figure.

22 October 2010

To be the best in what you do

The seminar on hypertension last night made an impact on my grey matter.

Seeing a German professor who'd travelled across the continents to share his opinions with us opened up my eyes on certain aspect of this life.

How do we become the best in what we do for living?

My take on this...

First, we need to identify what is IMPORTANT in our life.

Then we need an 'end result model' that shows us exactly what it looks like once we are there.

By God, we need to be inspired.

I've always considered myself as a family man, and should put priority on my family matters over my job.

A family of my own?

What am I talking about.
Come to think of it, I don't even have a sweetheart.

Then it came to me like a clear blue sky.

The only LOGICAL thing to do now is first to sort out my career, before everything else.

Before I even start a family of my own.

20 October 2010


I'm tired these days.
Too much work at the hospital.
Patients... many of them with chronic illness.
People dying everyday.

19 October 2010

Chapter 3: The next level

Beneath the fabric of human behavior. You will come across variety of colors...

...Ah bollocks!

Lately I have been writing the same stuff over & over again

It's time to move on.

It is time to dance!

18 October 2010


I sat quietly in a hidden corner with a wide view of people walking in & out of Ikea. The tall hot mocha with no cream lingered on my taste bud refused to be swallowed as a whole down my dry throat.

60% of them came with their families and kids.
30% were with their significant others, like lovers, you know the type.
9% in groups of friends.

1% was sitting quietly in a hidden corner sipping his tall hot mocha with no cream.

Is my heart still beating?
It is hard to tell as I last saw it hanging in my living room earlier.

17 October 2010

View from the top

I have a confession.

I'm beginning to lose faith in this so-called modern society.
In which some of the 'bizarre' ways of human-relationship have become an acceptable social norm.

Where people are judged better by the things they own or if they look in certain ways, or behave in certain 'manners'.

I have also become more skeptical on the institution of marriage. Although it is a Sunnah Nabi. But its values & qualities have deteriorated markedly in these last few years. The steep rise in divorce rate in Klang Valley is scary. Being married does not mean anything to everyone, anymore. There is nothing left out there that can protect its sanctity. Dishonesty in relationships are everywhere.

It brings me to one final conclusion.

People lie, hence as a general rule they cannot be trusted.

The only thing that matters in the end is not what was spoken, but the actions that follows.

10 October 2010

Revisiting Zihuatanejo

At some point of your life, you would wish for a place where you do not leave any footsteps behind. Hoping to avoid that resonance of echoes that reminds you of the void inside, which you are going to carry with you once you leave your heart at the door.

I am looking for my Zihuatanejo.


Andy Dufresne: When you get out from this prison, I want you to go to a place called Zihuatanejo. You'll have to cross the Mexican border.

Red: What's down there?

Andy Dufresne: You'll see. You know what the Mexicans say about the Pacific?

Red: No.

Andy Dufresne: They say it has no memory. That's where I want to live the rest of my life. A warm place with no memory. Zihuatanejo.

09 October 2010


It's been a cold morning.

As I'm sitting alone in the MO room.
Waiting for this silence to break.
Waiting for that on-call phone to goes off.

Back to square one.
Back to reality.

It's too quiet.
I'm beginning to like it, that it scares me a bit.

Eyes wide open

It is now no longer matter to me as I have seen and heard enough to know the truth.

I knew a painter named Picasso who told me he was once approached by an intelligent lady with a face of an angel whom wanted to buy one of his drawing which was a portrait of a man. The piece was not that expensive but it has certain sentimental value to him.

Then as she took out the money out of her purse, she said:

"Hmm the man in the painting is all right, but he isn't tall enough, the thighs are too small, he has rather a small face and definitely not as good looking as the men in other paintings I have in my collection."

"Gosh how did you reply?" I got curious.

"It was easy, I splashed black paint over the drawing and told the lady ~ don't worry about it, it is now no longer for sale"

He chuckled.

08 October 2010

Things you can do without

For you ladies out there.

Have you ever got caught up in a state?
I am sure you have.
Awful isn't.

For example, you got all dressed up for some event.
Went there with your male best friend.
Then out of no where he commented that his mate's girlfriend is waaay better looking than you.

Thought that he was just teasing you, you asked him back.
To which he confirmed that he is not kidding.

But you did not deny what he said.

Coz deep down you know that is the truth anyway.
Everybody at the table knew that.
The world knows that.

That's not the point of this story.

What bugs you is that why on God's earth he needs to remind you of that.

Okay let's talk about something more important & substantial in this life.

Hmm like how to prognosticate a man with an unstable angina using the TIMI score.

06 October 2010


Couple of things are in my mind.

It all began with the hunt for a place that I could call home. This is not something that we do everyday or on a regular basis. So this would be my latest obsession for the few weeks or so.

This will certainly changes things as I know it. The next 30 years of this life course will definitely take a whole new level of direction.

Shall I pack my bag and return back to live nearby my parents? Bought a house there and work for a teaching university hospital somewhere in the east coast. Have a family of my own there, grow a farm with a dozen of cows and goats.

Or shall I just stay put in Klang Valley, which means I might as well grab that condo and live happily overlooking the hills at sunset (presence of a female companion is optional).

... with a cup of hot milo of course!

02 October 2010

The night of the living scrubs

8pm Resus room:

A newly-wed young lady with dysuria. Jari di inai masih merah. All radiant but dehydrated with hypotensive, her urine looks dirty. Looks like another case of a honeymoon cystitis. Treatment: A good dose of antibiotics and... err take it easy ma'am and yes you too sir.

1am Private wing:

A VIP with an elective admission had a sudden surge in BP. There is nothing that a 'genuine' smile and an amlodipine 10mg od cannot fix.

4am Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever:

A 40 year old housewife, flushed out, abdominal distention, bibasal lungs crepitation fortunately no postural hypotension and good capillary refill. Gave her a 1 pint of dream over 1 hour and that bring the Haematocrit down nice and easy.


Kroooohhhh.... krooohhh krooohhhhh (apnoea) cough cough... wroooohhhhh wroooohhh

01 October 2010

Chill before use

Modern medicine does not have the cure to all diseases under the sun. Where mainstream medicine fails or does not work, we will admit it.

I have great respect for complimentary or traditional method of healing. Acupuncture is one them.

My concern lies with traditional drugs which do not go thorough scientific research and stringent regulation in checking their safety for mass consumption. Some of the active ingredients have incredibly high dose it could cause renal failure. One of my nurse developed heart failure secondary from taking traditional weight loss pill.

In contrast, any mainstream drugs that is reported to have 'safety concern' will be recalled even after it has been released to the public.

Having said that a lot of modern drugs are extracted from plants, and they are wonderful! For example, an oral anti-diabetic drug called metformin is extracted from a plant called Galega officinalis.

PS: I got no hidden agenda nor that I have any shares or benefit from any sales of the so called modern drugs. My only interest is your health.