19 July 2010

Stop being that hole (the one near perineum)

Dear Salvatore Ferragamo,

Do you know fungus? I know them very well. I deal with fungus on a daily basis. They sometime kill my patient (if the bacteria can't finish the job that is).

Although they can be beautiful in microscale. And in a different life they could end up as a cheesecake.

The ugly truth is budyy.... you are like a fungus.

You dump your girlfriend, because you can't change what you are.
A thing that you claim prevent you guys from being together.

Yet you linger around her. All charming. Phone calls. Show up at her house at 5 in the morning. Acting like her boyfriend. And you became jealous when she's with another guy.

To me, you are just like a little boy.
Immature and selfish.

My advice:

If you be cannot be with a girl for whatsoever reason.
And you and her cannot remain in any lesser than a romantic relationship AKA Just friends.

And you very well aware that she is so DEEPLY IN LOVE with you.
That she is weak enough that she cannot continue her life without your love.

Then my boy, do what is right.
Just be a man.
Just walk away and leave her alone.
Let her continue with her journey and peacefulness she deserves.
She has suffered for too long from your little mind-fuck game.

I can't bear seeing my friend in that state.

I wish you would stop being that annoying 'unremovable' fungal at the back of a nasopharyngeal cancer patient's tonsil.

How I wish you are a candida.
So I could get you an Amphotericin for your birthday.
Owh well it's none of my business anyway (apart from that you're hurting my friend). But then again she seems to enjoy your warmth and presence still.

Well Good Luck.
I'm out.

This is a work of fiction (and yes Elvis is very much alive in Memphis, and pigs can fly).
... Plus, Salvatore can very well be Salvalingam.

16 July 2010

Age of innocence

Lot of people talk about 'one day' concept. That one day they'll do this and that, go here and there. Empty talk just won't do it.

Just fucking do it. Oh yea don't say fuck, it's not good. Unless you really mean it.

Today is filled with a list of difficult cases which might be a relapse lymphoma, refractory myeloma and maybe just maybe (if I lucky enough) a case of sakit perut from an expired coca-cola. Damn fizzy.

As a result, I'm empowered by lot of negative energy today. Felt like I was going to explode into million of minuscule particles trapped inside a freaking hot jar colliding into each other - until I generate enough energy which will finally combust into a ball of fire.

Maybe one day. Who knows?
As for today.
I just gonna be me. Maybe I'll go back in time and be that 8 year old kid again. Stress free.

Whadaheck... playing "shoot 'em cowboy" with some schoolkids while stucked in a jam wasn't such a bad idea after all.

12 July 2010


Given time, everyone will change and show their true colours.

I think I've said this before.

But is it true that once we grow tired of that person, we will have lower threshold of losing our nerve and let out our anger on him/her? Rhetorical question.

A lot of men (and women of course) out there who appear calm and collected at their workplace and hold back all the work-related stress and frustation, only to let it out on their families at home.

Are we taking granted people we claim we care for?

To them it is SAFER to unleash all of those anger and negative emotions to their love ones, knowing well enough that they will never leave you. As oppose to let it out on your boss and risk of getting fired.

My take on this.
If we never scold a stranger over a trivial matter, on a basis of basic courtesy and respect for another human being.
Then we should never do the same to our friends & families.

After all these are the people who actually care about us.

07 July 2010

Class of 2010

The new batch of medical students have just joined us for their clinical training. A TRANSITION where they start to use what they learn from books and apply it in the real life. They are young, vibrant people with innocent yet eager mind. They will kinda follow your ward round with 150% attention. The word 'Sorry doctor' comes out from their mouth every single minute when they think they've given you the wrong answer.

It could easily boost one's ego when you're surrounded by these students (Muaha ha evil laugh ha ha!!). It would certainly be wise to think carefully before you open your mouth, because they will jot down every single thing that you say into their little notebook.

I usually tell them to be polite, but never show that you are vulnerable or weak, and most important thing is to show that you are matured students (err even that one, they would write down... huh?!)

But as time passes by, these guys will eventually progress to the final year and with a blink of an eye, they graduate and become your peers...

... and of course start to lawan taukeh with you "in your face" kinda style.